Plastic Cases

Packaging Etc's Range Of Plastic Cases

Our plastic cases have been continually updated and developed over the years, utilising modern materials and current manufacturing technology, and earning a reputation for quality and innovation. Our extrusion blow moulded plastic cases make use of double-wall technology, offering unrivaled benefits in both protection and presentation, and our extensive range of injection moulded cases are designed to be especially eye-catching.

Quality Of Our Plastic Cases

Only our range of plastic cases are only made out of high quality materials, including ABS and polypropylene, offering great durability and impact resistance. Combined with the aforementioned double-wall technology, which creates a shock-absorbing air-cushion between two walls of polypropylene and features in all of our extrusion blow moulded cases (Megabag, Quantum, Dimension, Citybag, and Multibag), you can relax knowing that your items are excellently protected against environmental dangers.

All of our double-walled cases are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality procedures.

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