PIG® Poly Drum Funnel Strainer 459

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PIG® Poly Drum Funnel Strainer 459

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Covers entire drum top to minimise drips and spills; cut-out on one side allows access to 3/4" bung for use of pop-up liquid-level gauge to prevent overfilling

DRM452 and DRM454 Fits 210 litre closed-head and 115 litre closed-head or open-head steel drums

Thick, double-wall polyethylene construction resists UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals

Level inside surface allows easy draining of containers, parts or filters

DRM672 Fits almost any 210-litre, tight-head steel or poly drum; no need to stock multiple sizes of funnel







The PIG poly drum funnel strainer 459 is ideal for inserting into your drum funnel and is perfect for removing debris or shavings as you pour. This strainer only fits in funnels DRM357, DRM359, DRM452 and DRM454. It is made of chemical resistant stainless steel for durability and long life. The strainer easily lifts in and out of the drum funnel. 

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Additional Information

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