PIG® Drum Overfill Preventer 919

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PIG® Drum Overfill Preventer 919

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Patented Burpless® internal vent tubes prevent pressure buildup and “burping” back"

Single-handed latching lid opens and closes quickly and easily

Nitrile gasket and locking mechanism seals lid securely to help reduce vapour emissions

Latch can be padlocked (lock not included) to prevent unauthorised access

Multiple colours are available, so you can colour code your drums - specify colour when ordering




The PIG drum overfill preventer 919 is ideal for being built in a drum funnel, in able to signal you to stop pouring when the drum is almost full. The way it works is when liquid in the drum reaches the preventer, the funnel stops draining and starts to fill, signaling you to stop pouring. The preventer has a corrosion resistant construction, meaning that it can be used with nearly any liquid without being damaged. It features a two-piece adapter that acts as a shutoff valve, automatically closing off a 55-gallon drum at 53.5 gallons full. 

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Additional Information

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