Blue Absorbent Pig Socks 201

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Blue Absorbent Pig Socks 201

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The heaviest sock we make features extra-dense construction to hug floors and stay in place while containing spills.

The blue absorbent New Pig socks features a stitch-bonded, polypropylene skin that resists chemicals and bursting; reduces dust and holds in liquid, making the product a great solution for spill response and absorbing machine leaks.



Blue absorbent Pig socks are the heaviest sock that New Pig have made and it features extra-dense construction to hug floors and stay in place even whilst containing spills – The Pig blue socks are able to absorb and retain oils, coolants, solvents and water.

Pig socks are great for spill response and absorbing leaks, having a fine grade vermiculite filler allows the socks to quickly absorb leaks, drips and spills without compromising its strength. PIG Blue socks have a stitch bonded, polypropylene skin which resists bursting. Their small diameter (3.8cm) allows them to fit into tight spaces such as around machinery to absorb awkward to get to drips and spills.

The blue pig socks can also be air dried and re-used when soaked with water – making them even better value for money!


Item NumberDimensionsDetailsUnit
PIG238ext. dia. 8cm x 122cm LAbsorbs 34 L/Box12 socks/box
PIG2038 cm x 600 cmAbsorbs 56 L/Box4 socks/box
PIG2028 cm x 300 cmAbsorbs 56 L/Box8 socks/bx
20488 cm x 122 cmAbsorbs 56 L/Box20 socks/box
40488 cm x 122 cmAbsorbs 112 L/Box40 socks/box
PIG2173 cm x 300 cmAbsorbs 120 L/Box4 socks/box
PIG2018 cm x 61 cmAbsorbs 78.1 L/Box55 socks/box
MA10974 cm x 74 cmAbsorbs 34 L/Box50 socks/box


Features of New Pig

Since 1985, New Pig has been providing innovative products and services to industrial, institutional and governmental facilities. Today, New Pig serves more than 200,000 customers in more than 70 countries and with more than 170 varieties of absorbent products to help you combat leak and spill emergencies, including absorbent mats, socks, booms, pillows and pans. Buy with confidence knowing that everything we sell is backed by PIG's Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product TypeSock
Unit55 socks/box
Absorbent WeightHeavy Weight
Absorbency DetailsAbsorbs 78.1 L/Box
Material Safety Data SheetView Here