New Pig Hazmat Absorbent Sock - 124CR

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New Pig Hazmat Absorbent Sock - 124CR

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Hazmat socks hug corners and walls, surround machine bases and contain spills; contained absorbent makes cleanup quick and easy.

They are specially treated to absorb high concentrations of corrosive liquids, such as 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide, better than any other absorbent in the market.



PIG HAZ-MAT absorbents socks are a chemical-resistant sock that absorb the widest range of acids, bases and unknown liquids, even those with high concentrations like 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide. HAZ-MAT socks will not degrade or cause a dangerous reaction upon contact with corrosive chemicals/fluids.

The HAZ-MAT socks have a polypropylene skin which resists chemicals and harmful spills, and is able to absorb and retain most acids, caustics and other unknown liquids that could be potentially harmful. The HAZ-MAT’s polypropylene filler is highly absorbent for containing corrosive or reactive spills.

The HAZ-MAT socks have been made in a bright pink colour – They have been made like this so that they are easily distinguishable. This assures the user that they are using the correct sock during an emergency. 

New Pig ProductDimensionsDetailsUnit
HA201020 cm Dia x 3 mAbsorbs 121 L/Box2 dikes/box
HA101013 cm Dia x 3 mAbsorbs 68 L/Box2 dikes/box
PIG3018 cm Dia x 3 mAbsorbs 45 L/Box6 socks/box
124CR8 cm Dia x 117 cmAbsorbs 36 L/Box12 socks/box


Features of New Pig Absorbents

Since 1985, New Pig has been providing innovative products and services to industrial, institutional and governmental facilities. Today, New Pig serves more than 200,000 customers in more than 70 countries and with more than 170 varieties of absorbent products to help you combat leak and spill emergencies, including absorbent mats, socks, booms, pillows and pans. Buy with confidence knowing that everything we sell is backed by PIG's Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product TypeSock
Unit12 socks/box
Absorbent WeightMedium Weight
Absorbency DetailsAbsorbs 36 L/Box
Material Safety Data SheetView Here