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New Pig Leak & Spill

The New Pig Leak & Spill Range

Packaging-etc offer a comprehensive line of leak & spill products at competitive prices and suited to tackle any spill situation. If it leaks, drips, splatters or spills, We off Newpig's hardworking products to absorb, contain and clean it up. 

 There are many types of absorbent products on the market today: 

  • Mat Pads and Rolls
  • Socks, Booms and Pillows
  • Loose Absorbents
  • Universal
  • Oil Only
  • HAZ-MAT 

The New Pig Story

New Pig has proudly been the world’s leading manufacturer of leak & spill products since 1985.

New Pig is home to PIG® Mat, the world's best-selling absorbent mat. They invented the PIG® SPILLBLOCKER® Dike, the PIG® DRAINBLOCKER® Drain Cover, the PIG® Burpless® Drum Funnel and the PIG® Latching Drum Lid, just to name a few. 

PIG® Products set the standard for quality, durability and features you just won't find anywhere else.

Spill Warehouse - A Cost Effective Alternative

The Spill Warehouse Range is a cost effective leak and spill range which provides reliable and economical solutions for everyday applications. Like New Pig the Spill Warehouse range includes absorbents and spill containment products which are all able to efficiently absorb and contain most liquids.

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