Material Handling

Material Handling

Packaging Etc's range of material handling products provide ideal solutions for storing, dispensing, handling and transporting liquids. Choose from U.N approved New Pig overpack drums, mobile dispensing dollies and funnels to make liquid transfer easier and prevent spills.

Funnels & Accessories

Drum Funnels & Accessories from New Pig make pouring and draining of liquids neat and easy. Our range of New Pig Poly Drum Funnels cover the entire drum top and minimise splashes and drips for clean, easy draining and pouring. PIG® Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tool moulds into and holds any shape to create a leakproof channel for draining oil or fluid. Drum accessories, such as a Pop-Up Drum Fill Gauge prevents overfilled drums that can cause a slippery mess for employees in the workplace.

Trays & Basins

Capture leaks and drips before they reach the floor with spill trays from New Pig. Our sturdy utility trays are made of strong yet lightweight polyethylene, so they can be easily moved, yet won't rust or corrode. Spill containment trays can be placed under drums or shelves and spill basins can be used to temporarily store leaky (or potentially leaky) containers. Trays, pans and basins are economically effective tools for keeping messes off the floor.

Overpack Drums & Dollies

New Pig takes the transport and storage of drums seriously. Damaged drums and containers can be easily shipped using New Pig's range of overpack drums. Overpacks are made of lightweight, 100% polyethylene and are chemical resistant. do-it-all mobile dispensing dolly transports, dispenses and contains.

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