Disposable ESD Wrist Strap

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Disposable ESD Wrist Strap

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  • Low cost, static control that can be shipped with your product

  • 1.5m total length

  • Fully adjustable wrist loop - no messy adhesives

  • Copper foil for ground connection - no tape residues left on equipment

  • Each wrist strap is packaged individually with instructions

  • 500 individually bagged wrist straps per box

  • Alternative to 3M 2209



Disposable wrist straps are designed for users who temporarily need an ESD wrist strap without the requirement of being durable or reusable. Individually bagged and complete with instructions, the strap can be shipped with components and devices for assembly eg. memory upgrades, servers components, circuit boards etc. This is a direct alternative to 3M 2209.

A hypoallergenic adhesive provides 360-degree contact, reducing skin-to-band resistance by its conductive element fabricated into the plastic ribbon. At the other end of the strap, the adhesive copper foil attaches to any convenient electrical ground. Once removed the adhesive will leave no residue behind on newly assembled products.


The integral adhesive keeps the conductive black element tight against the skin allowing maximum coverage. At the other end of the strap is a copper foil material, which attaches to your grounding point.

The straps adhesive keeps the conductive black strip tight against the skin. The copper foil at the other end is then attached to the grounding point creating a continuous path.

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